About MPC Containment Systems, LLC

Attorney Edward Reicin served as managing partner of the law firm of Gordon, Reicin, West and Rosenbloom for more than a decade. For more than three decades, Edward Reicin led M. Putterman & Company, LLC, a manufacturer of protective covers for gym floors and athletic fields.

In 1979, M. Putterman & Company, LLC, formed the subsidiary company MPC Containment Systems, LLC. The subsidiary’s first big project was completed in conjunction with DuPont and a group of several oil companies that were seeking an economically feasible approach to the problem of leaks in underground fuel storage systems. Together, the firms developed a flexible membrane liner called PetroGuard that continues to meet fuel containment challenges.

MPC makes a wide variety of other environmental systems, including collapsible storage tanks, geomembranes, primary and secondary containment liners, and containment booms to collect oil and chemical spills in waterways. Whether the material to be contained is solid, liquid, chemical, or waste, MPC can fabricate the appropriate containment membrane. A more comprehensive overview of the company’s products and history is available online at www.mpccontainment.com.