About Edward E. Reicin

Following a professional career spanning more than 50 years, Edward E. Reicin now serves as a consultant for firms MPC Containment Systems, LLC. and M. Putterman & Co. Edward E. Reicin held the positions of President, Director, and co-owner at these companies until 2007, and he still maintains partial ownership. During his tenure, Edward E. Reicin distinguished himself for his business acumen, leading a team of 200 employees in the development of novel and robust storage solutions and securing major contracts with several branches of the American military, transnational oil companies, and foreign governments. One of Edward E. Reicin’s most notable achievements was the PetroGard family of membrane liners, which became a best-selling product at MPC Containment Systems due to its flexibility, durability, and cost effectiveness. MPC Containment Systems’ environmental linings grew out of M. Putterman & Co.’s success with athletic equipment. Under Edward E. Reicin’s stewardship, M. Putterman & Co. manufactured indoor divider curtains, tennis windscreens, and floor covers that have become the staples of professional tennis, baseball, and football. Founded in 1920, M. Putterman & Co. has always focused on athletic equipment, and Edward E. Reicin led the firm to consistent profitability through both bull and bear markets. A long-time opera fan, Edward E. Reicin has also performed as a bass in productions in the Illinois area since 1992. Edward E. Reicin studied with notable singers, including veteran Metropolitan Opera mezzo-soprano Margaret Harshaw and renowned vocalist Winifred Brown. Edward E. Reicin sang roles including the Bonze in Madam Butterfly, Amantio di Nicolao and Pinellino in Gianni Schicchi, and Pistola in Falstaff. Edward E. Reicin has also worked with a wide range of vocal coaches, including Richard Boldrey, Nico Castell, Bob Cowart, Mignon Dunn, Morley Meredith, and Sherrill Milnes. In addition to business and music, Edward E. Reicin volunteers with several civic organizations and donates to charitable and artistic organizations. Edward E. Reicin lives in the Chicago area.


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