What to Expect at the Metropolitan Opera


Metropolitan Opera pic

Metropolitan Opera
Image: metopera.org

Edward Reicin is currently a professional opera singer, who supports various charities and philanthropic organizations dedicated to the arts. The development chairman of the central region of the Metropolitan Opera council, Edward Reicin dedicates much of his time to supporting this beloved institution, which has continued to entertain audiences for nearly 150 years.

Going to the opera can be a daunting experience for those new to the art. The Metropolitan Opera is best experienced with proper etiquette and an open mind. A staple of New York City living, the Met offers over 24 opera performances each season, with something for everyone. Watching video clips online can make it easier to choose a performance and to prepare for the night ahead.

While there is no true dress code, a night at the opera is often a cause to get dressed up. Many people worry about not understanding the story being told. However, technology plays a large part in opera today. Each seat provides a seat-back screen, displaying subtitles for what is sung onstage.

During breaks, it’s often a great time to grab champagne and to explore the grandeur of this historical building. Located in Lincoln Center beside the famed Juilliard School for the Arts, the upper levels have incredible views of the city.